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I come from the great bee forest in Gabon, this space which allowed the activation of my states of consciousness.

The first was my physical birth in 1975 in Libreville, the second was my meeting with a mother Nima, an initiatory mother in the sacred cult of Bitwi, mother Sparkle.

Without any possible coincidence, we both felt that the time had come for me to fully reactivate my consciousness by searching for the essence of the frequency that controls my body.


The Nimas are guardians, Mothers who give birth and give birth.

Through multidimensional childbirth, they accompany human beings to become complete in their structures.


My iniatic passage opened the doors of my interior beyond the beliefs and egregores of this matrix towards a deep mystical world.

By receiving my initiate name, the Kombo, I welcomed a new energetic body which holds within itself all the information of my Life mission. The third activation or initiatory passage was the validation by the guides of the Nima in me and the multidimensional marriage, the longo.

Longo is a state of consciousness that we experience through the couple. The couple's circle represents our state

of supreme balance, our body conveys light, harmony between our feminine and our masculine.


In our traditions, initiations allow the couple to meet in the invisible spheres before materializing them in matter.

The wedding ritual then takes on another dimension. It allows you to stabilize your energy bodies and receive multidimensional protection.


The Kimuntu initiatory school plays a very important role in my process of structuring knowledge.

So I am Nima, Nga Gataki, master of the elements. my mission is to support my own healing and that of my environment.

A propos


Kimbambi carries the frequency of the guardians of knowledge. All my approaches will be imbued with the soul of Kongo consciousness, the paradigm and science of life of my ancestors.

Kongo brings us back to the being who masters knowledge through experimentation and transmutation. The Muntu (human being) is the ancestor who is on the way back: the Kuna Ka. Ascension is the ultimate path for all of us. It teaches us that there is no separation between our lower and higher states. The path of the Heart, from the center, invites us to merge now with the multidimensional intelligence that guides our steps.


The Solar initiatory path takes us into the depths of our inner worlds. The goal is to release our vital energy in order to access multidimensional healing, the conscious construction of our life mission and the restoration of the links from our heart center.

It aims to streamline the communication doors between our different states of consciousness. 

This approach takes its source from the three fundamental Kongo pillars, the Makuku Matatu, which refer to the balance of our primordial states:


Nsaku is the state that refers to the mystical plane and the fundamental principle of initiation. It teaches us that our body is controlled by consciousness. He invites us to download the latter and master the knowledge that results from it. This is the plan of the spiritual guides.

Nzinga is the plan for mastering our identity, our personal power and our radiance in the Noblest sense.

It refers to management.

Mpanzu is the plan for the materialization of our knowledge, it is the quantum expression of invisible worlds through sciences, technologies and artistic creations. This plan guides us to be good, well-grounded guardians. This is the plan of the repositories of Knowledge.

These three states are the pillars of the same home, they allow the Kongo state of consciousness, the Ngo, the primordial fire to manifest...

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